Let the Right One In

     Let the Right One In is a Swedish horror film that not only accomplishes good thrills, but also quiet somber moments between characters. The amount of depth in this horror film is astounding. What sets this movie above the rest is that it doesn’t give you cheap jump scares or loud noises. The horror comes from what is slowly being revealed to the audience. What I found most disturbing was the how the story progressed, not the actions of the plot. How a boy can turn to a friend who happens to be a creature of the night due to unfortunate circumstances.

     Oskar is bullied in school to the point of humiliation, and his father isn’t around much (although they do have a good relationship). His appearance is meek and sad, with hint of rage the runs deep. That’s where Eli comes in. Eli is a vampire. She also resembles a twelve year old girl. She has a man named Håkan who regularly murders people in order to feed her hunger.

     What we see throughout the story is a theme of isolation between characters. The two leads and Håkan feel lonely in a world full of people because of who they are. When Oskar and Eli spend time with each other, you forget one has fantasies of revenge and the other one murders innocents to appease her appetite. What the film does so well on top of being very scary is having you root for people who’d normally be villains in most other movies. It challenges you to think about who is really evil, and that’s just one layer. The movie is like an onion, many layers that can be explored and discussed amongst viewers. Let the Right One In is easily in the top five Vampire films ever made.